My R/C cars/trucks page... Warning!  There are a lot of them!
   Kyosho Big Brute. 4WD and 4WS
Kyosho Blizzard 
   Original, Tamayia Subru Brat! NON-monster!
Tamayia Clod Buster. The original Monster truck! 4WD, 4WS. 
1/4 scale Drag car! Gas powered, two speed tranny.  Click for other pics!
A custom chassis made from brass and left over parts.
Parma Days of Thunder w/ custom paint.
 Tamayia Hummer
JRX2 chassis with a body from a Radio Shack car. 
Kyosho Nitro Brute.  Another oldie!
Kyosho Optima, 4 wheel drive buggy.
Kyosho 1/8 scale 4WD Nitro Porsche. Ofna .21engine. The predeccesor to the new GP-20 Chassis. Rader speed checked at 65 mph!
The same Porsche with the body off.
Kyosho USA-1 Nitro 1/10 Monster Truck.  Ofna .21 engine.  Goes over just about anything!
Tamya Wrangler 
Parma trailer. As far as i know, this kit is no longer made.
Kyosho Assult.  OS CZ-R engine.  Another real oldie. 
  An unknown make Air boat.  Has an OS .15 engine for power.
Kyosho Ultima.