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AIR SHOW  June 6-7, 1998   Frances S. Gabreski Airport,  Westhampton Beach, NY
All photos on this page were taken with a Kodak DC210 Digital camera.  Works nice, but with a 2X zoom lens, its only good for close shots.  I have 5 rolls of 35 mm film I shot with my Olympus OM-4 SLR.  As soon as they are back from developing, I will have a LOT more and BETTER shots to post!!!  (I hope!)
All photos taken by me.
 A-10.  This particular bird, and the one behind it, are used ONLY for air shows!  Nice duty for the pilots!  According to servicemen on duty, these two Warthogs have been lightened by removing every piece of un-needed equipment.
 B17 The REAL  Memphis Bell!
 According to one of the people with the '17, it has only around 6000 hours on the airframe.
 Taxiing for take off.  What a site to see this bird in the air over Westhampton Beach. NY!!
I was in heaven!
The line  to go inside was there till closing!
 Da end!
She still needs to be restored, but it is air worthy.  It actually was a little late in arriving to the show, as it broke down on the way here.  But, it made it!!
Cap 10L  Belongs to a school!
 DeHavalnd Tiger Moth.  According to owner, this one was built in late '41.  Only has about 3000 hours on airframe!
Christen Eagle.   No one around to get any info  :(
 P-51, Big Beautiful Doll on left.  Flew in formation with the A-10 in foreground.  What a site!!!
Pitts Special.  Pilot did a great show with it.  That is him on right pushing...
 Will have to wait till I develop the 35 mm negatives before I can post any info about this one...
 More photos on the way!!
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