My Airplane Page.

Updated 4/7/98
This is my Pica Duelist. It uses Enya .40 CXTVs for power, is guided by a Futaba 7AUF and has Rohm retracts.
My daily flier (Weather permitting!) a Great Planes Ultra Sport 1000.  Power is an old OS 1.20 FS the slight difference in wing covering is do the fact that it was in two pieces when I got it!  Flies great!
This is my EZ Diablo.  Powered by an YS 120SC.  Radio is a JR 622.  Lots of fun!!  Click on the picture for other views!
This a Balsa USA Phaeton .90  It is powered by another old OS Gemini I 1.20 twin.  the bottom wing also was in two pieces when I got it.  its amazing what a little epoxy and carbon fiber will do!  Covered with Sig Coverall and Sig dope.  Still working out some flying bugs...
An oldie, my original VK Cherokee, powered by a Merco .61 with twin glow plugs. Guidance is Futaba . This plane is at least 20 years old!   News flash:  The Merco finally wore out.  It now has a K&B Sportster .65 for power, and I am in the process of recovering the wing. ===>
This CG Tiger II belongs to a fellow club member.
This was built by a friend and fellow Falcon, Jim Reid. He scratch built this Ace Seamaster .40 from the original magazine plans. It has an K&B .45 Sportster for power, guided by (you guessed it) Futaba.
My newest plane.  A Direct Connection F/A-18 Hornet.  Has Spring Air retracts, and as you can see, no engine!
It will have a ST .90 again!
This baby was clocked at 120 MPH with that engine!
 To see my in-progess Laser, click here!
More coming soon.......